The universe accelerated expansion using extra-dimensions with metric components found by a new equivalence principle Academic Article uri icon


  • Curved multi-dimensional space-times (5D and higher) are constructed by embedding them in one higher-dimensional flat space. The condition that the embedding coordinates have a separable form, plus the demand of an orthogonal resulting space-time, implies that the curved multi-dimensional space-time has 4D de-Sitter subspaces (for constant extra-dimensions) in which the 3D subspace has an accelerated expansion. A complete determination of the curved multi-dimensional spacetime geometry is obtained provided we impose a new type of “equivalence principle”, meaning that there is a geodesic which from the embedding space has a rectliniar motion. According to this new equivalence principle, we can find the extra-dimensions metric components, each curved multi-dimensional spacetime surface’s equation, the energy-momentum tensors and the extra-dimensions as functions of a scalar field. The generic geodesic in each 5D spacetime are studied: they include solutions where particle’s motion along the extra-dimension is periodic and the 3D expansion factor is inflationary (accelerated expansion). Thus, the 3D subspace has an accelerated expansion.

publication date

  • January 1, 2006