A geometric way to obtain de-Sitter subspaces perpendicular to a finite size extra-dimension in curved 5D universes Academic Article uri icon


  • We define curved five-dimensional (5D) space–time from the embedding of 5D surfaces in a 6D flat space. Demanding that the 6D coordinates satisfy a separation of variables form and that the 5D metric is diagonal, we obtain that each curved 5D surface contains 4D hyperboloid de-Sitter subspaces with maximally symmetry SO(4,1). Therefore, we define a very special form for the curved 5D surface where the extra-dimension is perpendicular to the 4D hyperboloid de-Sitter spaces. By relating to a minimally coupled scalar field with a potential which depends on the extra-dimension only, the curved 5D surface's form is satisfied. A mechanism by means of which the extra-dimension can be of a finite size, is found. The borders of the finite extra-dimension are obtained when the scalar field potential goes to infinity for certain finite values of the scalar field. The geodesic lines' equations show that a particle cannot cross such borders.

publication date

  • January 1, 2004