Koro-like syndrome in a Bedouin man Academic Article uri icon


  • Abstract A case report is presented of a koro-like syndrome in a 34-year-old Bedouin man living in the Negev desert in Israel. The patient's disturbance is accompanied by voyeur- ism and the onset appears to be related to his sexual practices. This is the first reported case among Bedouins, who are an Arab nomadic tribe living in Asia and Africa … Prof. M. Kotler Beer-Sheva Mental Health Center Hatzadik Miyerushalaim St., PO Box 4600 Beer-Sheva 84170 (Israel) Tel. +972 7 6401 602, Fax +972 7 6401 621 … ABC Fax + 41 61 306 12 34 E-Mail karger@karger.ch www.karger.com … © 1996 S. Karger AG, Basel 0254–4962/98/0314–0174 $15.00/0 Accessible online at: http://BioMedNet.com/karger … Koro syndrome has been considered a culturally specific disorder for hundreds of years throughout Asia, specifically in East Asia and China, where it could appear in epidemic form [1–3]. It was first documented in the West …

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  • January 1, 1998