A bottom-up approach toward fabrication of ultrathin PbS sheets Academic Article uri icon


  • Two-dimensional (2D) sheets are currently in the spotlight of nanotechnology owing to high- performance device fabrication possibilities. Building a free-standing quantum sheet with controlled morphology is challenging when large planar geometry and ultranarrow thickness are simultaneously concerned. Coalescence of nanowires into large single-crystalline sheet is a promising approach leading to large, molecularly thick 2D sheets with controlled planar morphology. Here we report on a bottom-up approach to fabricate high-quality ultrathin 2D single crystalline sheets with well-defined rectangular morphology via collective coalescence of PbS nanowires. The ultrathin sheets are strictly rectangular with 1.8 nm thickness, 200–250 nm width, and 3–20 μm length. The sheets show high electrical conductivity at room and cryogenic temperatures upon device fabrication. Density …

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  • January 1, 2013