Distributed forward-checking with conflict-based backjumping and dynamic ordering Conference Paper uri icon


  • Dinamically ordered distributed forward checking (DODFC)[6] is a distributed constraint solver having a high level of cooperation. In this paper we introduce an extension of DODFC called DODFC-CBJ wich is a distributed analogue of a well-known FC-CBJ algorithm [8]. Correctness and completeness proof of DODFC-CBJ are outlined. It is proved that, applied on the same input, DODFC-CBJ performs no more consistency checks and sends no more messages than DODFC. Preliminary experimental results and further developments of the proposed algorithm are discussed. 1 Introduction Distributed constraints networks (DisCNs) are composed of a set of agents, where each agent contains its own constraints network. Agents are connected by constraints between some of their variables and variables of other agents. The problem of finding a globally consistent assignment of all variables of all …

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  • January 1, 2002