Point target tracking in a whitened IR sequence of images using dynamic programming approach Conference Paper uri icon


  • In this paper, a novel tracking system based on the Track Before Detect Approach (TBD) is introduced. Each IR sequence is preprocessed first by using a whitening algorithm. This stage is used to reject clutter and emphasize targets. Afterwards, a Dynamic Programming Algorithm (DPA) is used for numerous frames in the sequence. The algorithm, a derivative of the well known Viterbi Algorithm, gives each pixel in the image a score based on the current frame and the previous one. By doing so, the temporal behavior difference between targets, clutter and noise is utilized to distinguish between them; we give scores accordingly. At the end of this stage, after the last frame of the IR sequence has been processed, the pixel with the highest accumulated score is chosen as the Target, and its path is found. The paper deals with the different issues characterizing the system, enabling it to have versatility …

publication date

  • October 5, 2006