Congestion Games for V2G-Enabled EV Charging. Conference Paper uri icon


  • A model of the problem of charging and discharging electrical vehicles as a congestion game is presented. A generalization of congestion games–feedback congestion games (FCG)–is introduced. The charging of gridintegrated vehicles, which can also discharge energy back to the grid, is a natural FCG application. FCGs are proven to be exact potential games and therefore converge to a pure-strategy Nash equilibrium by an iterated better-response process. A compact representation and an algorithm that enable efficient best-response search are presented. A detailed empirical evaluation assesses the performance of the iterated best-response process. The evaluation considers the quality of the resulting solutions and the rate of convergence to a stable state. The effect of allowing to also discharge batteries using FCG is compared to scenarios that only include charging and is found to dramatically impro...

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  • January 1, 2014

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