Antiviral drugs utilization during an influenza pandemic: A comparative cost-benefit model Academic Article uri icon


  • The next influenza pandemic can be expected to spread rapidly, causing worldwide morbidity, mortality and economic disruption. Strain-specific vaccines will require months to develop, and the early stages of pandemic control will be based on the judicious use of antiviral drugs. These drugs are likely to be in short supply if not preemptively stockpiled in sufficient quantities. The extent of stockpiling should be determined in accordance with chemotherapeutic strategies designed to maximize the benefit of antivirals in a given population, such as treatment of influenza patients, post-exposure prophylaxis for contacts, pre-exposure prophylaxis for susceptibles, or combinations of the above.We present a mathematical model for the comparison of five antiviral strategies: treatment of all influenza patients, treatment of high-risk patients, continuous pre-exposure prophylaxis ñ either …

publication date

  • November 6, 2004