Target detection in inhomogenous non-Gaussian hyperspectral data, based on non-parametric density estimation Conference Paper uri icon


  • Performance of algorithms for target signal detection in Hyperspectral Imagery (HSI) is often deteriorated when the data is neither statistically homogeneous nor Gaussian or when its Joint Probability Density (JPD) does not match any presumed particular parametric model. In this paper we propose a novel detection algorithm which first attempts at dividing data domain into mostly Gaussian and mostly Non-Gaussian (NG) subspaces, and then estimates the JPD of the NG subspace with a non-parametric Graph-based estimator. It then combines commonly used detection algorithms operating on the mostly-Gaussian sub- space and an LRT calculated directly with the estimated JPD of the NG subspace, to detect anomalies and known additive-type target signals. The algorithm performance is compared to commonly used algorithms and is found to be superior in some important cases.

publication date

  • June 26, 2013