Inflation and transition to a slowly accelerating phase from SSB of scale invariance Academic Article uri icon


  • We consider the effects of adding a scale invariant $R^{2}$ term to the action of the scale invariant model (SIM) studied previously by one of us (E.I.G., Mod. Phys. Lett. A14, 1043 (1999)). The SIM belongs to the general class of theories, where an integration measure independent of the metric is introduced. To implement scale invariance (S.I.), a dilaton field is introduced. The integration of the equations of motion associated with the new measure gives rise to the spontaneous symmetry breaking (S.S.B) of S.I.. After S.S.B. of S.I. in the model with the $R^{2}$ term, it is found that a non trivial potential for the dilaton is generated. This potential contains two flat regions: one associated with the Planck scale and with an inflationary phase, while the other flat region is associated to a very small vacuum energy (V.E.) and is associated to the present slowly accelerated phase of the universe (S.A.PH). The smallness of the V.E. in the S.A.PH. is understood through the see saw mechanism introduced in S.I.M.

publication date

  • January 1, 2003