Inexpensive and simple MMW imaging using optical detection of light emitted from glow discharge detectors Conference Paper uri icon


  • Millimeter waves imaging systems have many applications in medicine, communications, homeland security, and space technology. The advantages of MMW includes high penetrates thru almost every dielectric materials and no known ionization hazard for biological tissue, and low atmospheric scattering compared to infrared and optical rays. The Glow Discharge Detector (GDD) is a low cost room temperature MMW detector based on a commercial neon indicator lamp. Previously the GDD was proven to be very sensitive and inexpensive MMW radiation detector capable of direct and heterodyne radiation detection. Focal Plane Arrays (FPA) of GDD pixels were constructed and experimentally tested. In those experiments, the change in the DC bias current of the GDD was measured as function of the incidence MMW radiation. In this work the up-conversion of MMW radiation to visual …

publication date

  • May 11, 2018