Increased Privacy with Reduced Communication and Computation in Multi-Agent Planning Academic Article uri icon


  • Multi-agent forward search (MAFS) is a state-ofthe-art privacy-preserving planning algorithm. We describe a new variant of MAFS, called multi-agent forward-backward search (MAFBS) that uses both forward and backward messages to reduce the number of messages and obtain new privacy properties. While MAFS requires agents to send a state s produced by an action a to all agents that can apply any action in s, MAFBS sends such messages forward only to agents that have an action that requires one of the effects of a. To achieve completeness, it sends messages backward to agents that can supply a missing precondition. This more focused message passing scheme reduces states exchanged, and requires that agents be aware only of other agents that they directly interact with, leading to agent privacy.

publication date

  • January 1, 2016