Modal smoothing for analysis of room reflections measured with spherical microphone and loudspeaker arrays Academic Article uri icon


  • Spatial analysis of room acoustics is an ongoing research topic. Microphone arrays have been employed for spatial analyses with an important objective being the estimation of the direction-of-arrival (DOA) of direct sound and early room reflections using room impulse responses (RIRs). An optimal method for DOA estimation is the multiple signal classification algorithm. When RIRs are considered, this method typically fails due to the correlation of room reflections, which leads to rank deficiency of the cross-spectrum matrix. Preprocessing methods for rank restoration, which may involve averaging over frequency, for example, have been proposed exclusively for spherical arrays. However, these methods fail in the case of reflections with equal time delays, which may arise in practice and could be of interest. In this paper, a method is proposed for systems that combine a spherical microphone array and a spherical loudspeaker array, referred to as multiple-input multiple-output systems. This method, referred ...

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  • January 1, 2018