Ab Initio Vibrational Calculations for H 2 SO 4 and H 2 SO 4 ·H 2 O: Spectroscopy and the Nature of the Anharmonic Couplings Academic Article uri icon


  • Vibrational frequencies for fundamental, overtone, and combination excitations of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and of sulfuric acid monohydrate cluster (H2SO4 x H2O) are computed directly from ab initio MP2/TZP potential surface points using the correlation-corrected vibrational self-consistent field (CC-VSCF) method, which includes anharmonic effects. The results are compared with experiment. The computed transitions show in nearly all cases good agreement with experimental data and consistent improvement over the harmonic approximation. The CC-VSCF improvements over the harmonic approximation are largest for the overtone and combination excitations and for the OH stretching fundamental. The agreement between the calculations and experiment also supports the validity of the MP2/TZP potential surfaces. Anharmonic coupling between different vibrational modes is found to significantly affect the vibrational frequencies. Analysis of the mean magnitude of the anharmonic coupling interactions between different pairs of normal modes is carried out. The results suggest possible mechanisms for the internal flow of vibrational energy in H2SO4 and H2SO4 x H2O.

publication date

  • July 28, 2005