Spherically Symmetric and Rotating Wormholes Produced by Lightlike Branes Academic Article uri icon


  • Lightlike p-branes (LL-branes) with dynamical (variable) tension allow simple and elegant Polyakov-type and dual to it Nambu-Goto-like world-volume action formulations. Here we first briefly describe the dynamics of LL-branes as test objects in various physically interesting gravitational backgrounds of black hole type, including rotating ones. Next we show that LL-branes are the appropriate gravitational sources that provide proper matter energy momentum tensors in the Einstein equations of motion needed to generate traversable wormhole solutions, in particular, self-consistent cylindrical rotating wormholes, with the LL-branes occupying their throats. Here a major role is being played by the dynamical LL-brane tension which turns out to be negative but may be of arbitrary small magnitude. As a particular solution we obtain traversable wormhole with Schwarzschild geometry generated by a LL-brane positioned at the wormhole throat, which represents the correct consistent realization of the original Einstein-Rosen "bridge" manifold. Comment: 27 pages; important clarifications regarding the meaning of the original Einstein-Rosen "bridge" construction; an important addition to the Appendix; acknowledgments added

publication date

  • January 1, 2010