Operational flow of an autonomous sweetpepper harvesting robot Conference Paper uri icon


  • Advanced automation is required for greenhouse production systems due to the lack of skilled workforce and increasing labour costs [1]. As part of the EU project SWEEPER, we are working on developing an autonomous robot able to harvest sweet pepper fruits in greenhouses. This paper focuses on the operational flow of the robot for the high level task planning. In the SWEEPER project, an RGB camera is mounted on the end effector to detect fruits. Due to the dense plant rows, the camera is located at a maximum of 40 cm from the plants and hence cannot provide an overview of all fruit locations. Only a few ripe fruits at each acquisition can be seen. This implies that the robot must incorporate a search pattern to look for fruits. When at least one fruit has been detected in the image, the search is aborted and a harvesting phase is initiated. The phase starts with directing the …

publication date

  • January 1, 2016