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The Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, established in 1969, is the largest department in Israel, with 33 faculty members, 1000 active students, and 200 graduates each year. The department aims to lead the cutting-edge applied and theoretical research and to serve the community in the various domains that constitute the field of industrial engineering and management.

The world-class education offered in the department, allows graduates to integrate into professional and management positions in a variety of industries. For graduate and Ph.D. students, the department offers 6 research tracks at the most leading domains: Data science, statistics and quantitative methods, human factors, intelligent systems, information systems, and production and operations research. Also, 3 research groups are specializing in operational research, algorithms, and production management. 

Our 17 state-of-the-art research laboratories in integrated manufacturing, biomechanics and tele-robotics, machine learning and business intelligence, human-machine interaction, intelligent systems, and more, support our commitment to high-quality education, and allows our researchers to lead inter- and multi-disciplinary studies that serve as a driving and innovative force at their domain.

Faculty Research Areas