Consistent gauge interaction involving dynamical coupling and anomalous current Academic Article uri icon


  • We show a possible way to construct a consistent formalism where the effective electric charge can change with space and time without destroying the invariance. In the previous work [1][2] we took the gauge coupling to be of the form $g(\phi)j_\mu (A^{\mu} +\partial^{\mu}B)$ where $B$ is an auxiliary field, $ \phi $ is a scalar field and the current $j_\mu$ is the Dirac current. This term produces a constraint $ (\partial_{\mu}\phi) j^{\mu}=0 $ which can be related to M.I.T bag model by boundary condition. In this paper we show that when we use the term $ g(\phi)j_{\mu}(A^{\mu} - \partial^{\mu}(\frac{1}{\square}\partial_{\rho}A^{\rho})) $, instead of the auxiliary field $ B $, there is a possibility to produce a theory with dynamical coupling constant, which does not produce any constraint or confinement. The coupling $ j_{\mu}^{A}(A^{\mu} - \partial^{\mu}(\frac{1}{\square}\partial_{\rho}A^{\rho})) $ where $ j_{\mu}^{A} $ is an anomalous current also discussed.

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  • September 30, 2015