Variable milking frequency in large dairies: performance and economic analysis-models and experiments Academic Article uri icon


  • In Israel, 20% of the monthly production quota that is “shifted” from winter to summer gets a bonus of 26.5% for each “shifted” kg. Variable milking frequency (MF) can be a tool to control milk yield (MY) to exploit these conditions. Dairies in which the milking parlor is operated most of the day, can milk different groups of cows at different MFs within the normal routine. However, manipulating MF is expected also to affect operational and food consumption costs, while not all cows will respond as expected. A study was undertaken to evaluate practically, economically, and physiologically the concept to suppress winter production of individually-selected cows that their economically-corrected-milk production (ECM) is lower than their MY, and encourage summer production individually-selected cows that their ECM is higher or equal to MY. The results indicated that manipulating MF to control production …

publication date

  • January 1, 2003