Aerosol light scatter vs turbulence effects in image blur Conference Paper uri icon


  • A recent paper by Belen'kii proposed an inner scale turbulence MTF theory model to explain one of the many types of aerosol MTF experimental results by Dror, Sadot, and Kopeika. A broad comparison is made here between Belen'kii's inner scale turbulence MTF and our practical instrumentation-based aerosol MTF models and experiments. Belen'kii's model is strongly contradicted by those experimental results themselves, as well as by the many other published results not considered by Belen'kii. The Dror, Sadot, Kopeika experiments all contain comparisons of practical instrumentation-based aerosol MTF modeling which was calculated from aerosol size distributions actually measured during the experiments. These aerosol MTF calculations validated rather accurately the practical aerosol MTF model measurements. A summary of 9 independent different types of measurements and analyses which show we measured aerosol MTF and not any form of turbulence MTF is included, as well as specific contradictions between Belen'kii's model and our actual measurements. These also indicate our measurements of turbulence MTF were indeed correct, and that a broad system engineering approach to atmospheric optics should be encouraged instead of the narrow pure turbulence, pure aerosol, or pure absorbing atmospheric models often used.

publication date

  • January 1, 1998