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  • Ferrocenyl-p-methoxyphenylacetylene (7). The procedure followed was an adaptation of that by Stephens and Castro14 in their synthesis of p-methoxydiphenylacetylene. In a typical preparation, 3.350 g (0.00143 mol) of p-iodoanisole was added to 50 mL of freshly distilled pyridine in a thoroughly dried 250-mL, three-neck, round-bottom flask which was fitted with a Nz inlet, thermometer, and condenser leading to a mineral oil gas trap. Cuprous ferrocenyl acetylide (3.130 g, 0.0115 mol) was added in one portion to the pyridine solution. The resulting reaction mixture was allowed to stir for 10 h at 120" C, after which time the solution had developed a dark red-brown color. After cooling, the reaction mixture was flooded with 250 mL of H20 and extracted three times with 100-mL portions of ether. The combined ether extracts were washed successively with 10% aqueous HCl and 10% aqueous NaHC03 …

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  • August 1, 1979