Commentary on: Deng et al., Electric field depth-focality tradeoff in transcranial magnetic stimulation: simulation comparison of 50 coil designs Academic Article uri icon


  • The review by Deng et al modeling 50 theoretical and practical coils (Deng et al., 2012) is a comprehensive and important article that compares the electric field depth-focality profile of various coils using a spherical head model. The use of a spherical model facilitates defining a simple and universal metric framework for a convenient comparison of the depth and focality characteristics of all TMS coils. Yet, the gain in generality and simplicity of this approach comes on the expense of losing some valuable features that must be acknowledged.Firstly, the human brain geometry is obviously significantly different from the ideal spherical form, hence the induced electric field distribution will have different features in the two cases. In the realistic head geometry, the resulting electric field distribution will be much more sensitive to the coil position and orientation since the head surface is non …

publication date

  • January 1, 2013