Collision characteristics for predicting particle attrition and pipe wear in conveying systems Academic Article uri icon


  • Pipe wear and particle attrition are common and undesired effects when conveying particles in pipelines. In the current study we adopt a novel approach for predicting particle attrition or pipe erosion in conveying systems that can spare considerable efforts spent in trial and error to achieve the optimum operating conditions. The model is composed of three tools; 1) a one‐dimensional flow model that calculates the two phase flow dynamics (i.e. particle and fluid velocity, pressure and density), and 2) one‐dimensional breakage algorithm (ODBA) to compute the particles’ attrition, or 3) one‐dimensional erosion model (ODEM) to compute the erosion rate. The ODBA and ODEM exploits machine functions defining the collision characteristics. These functions are derived from 3D CFD‐DEM simulations. In this study we describe the collision characteristics in terms of the problem governing parameters. Several collision characteristics (i.e. impact velocity magnitude, impact angle, and bend angle) were successfully generated universally, and therefore allowing the attrition and erosion models to stand alone in the examined ranges.

publication date

  • January 1, 2018