Coordination Chemistry of N-Heterocyclic Nitrenium-Based Ligands Academic Article uri icon


  • Comprehensive studies on the coordination properties of tridentate nitrenium‐based ligands are presented. N‐heterocyclic nitrenium ions demonstrate general and versatile binding abilities to various transition metals, as exemplified by the synthesis and characterization of RhI, RhIII, Mo0, Ru0, RuII, PdII, PtII, PtIV, and AgI complexes based on these unusual ligands. Formation of nitrenium–metal bonds is unambiguously confirmed both in solution by selective 15N‐labeling experiments and in the solid state by X‐ray crystallography. The generality of N‐heterocyclic nitrenium as a ligand is also validated by a systematic DFT study of its affinity towards all second‐row transition and post‐transition metals (Y–Cd) in terms of the corresponding bond‐dissociation energies.

publication date

  • March 17, 2015