Accelerated recession of a desert cliff due to sewage water disposal, Sede Boqer, Israel Academic Article uri icon


  • Accelerated erosion of a desert cliff due to un- controlled sewage water disposal was investigated at the Sede Boqer Campus in the Negev, Israel An erosional cirque formed by this water was studied as a model simu- tating natural processes. The cliffs consist of loess and con- glomerate underlain by soft marl, clay, and chalk. The rate of erosion is of the order of 5%-8% of the volume of water discharged. The rate of incision ranges from 10 2 to 13.3 m/yr and is several orders higher than that expected under normal rainfall conditions The introduction of this new hydrological factor resulted in a severe disturbance of the morphological balance in the vi- cinity of the cliffs, accelerated erosion, and generated cir- cular slides

publication date

  • January 1, 1986