The Landscape of string theory and the wave function of the universe Academic Article uri icon


  • We explore the possibility that quantum cosmology considerations could provide a selection principle in the landscape of string vacua. We propose that the universe emerged from the string era in a thermally excited state and determine, within a mini-superspace model, the probability of tunneling to different points on the landscape. We find that the potential energy of the tunneling endpoint from which the universe emerges and begins its classical evolution is determined by the primordial temperature. By taking into account some generic properties of the moduli potential we then argue that the tunneling to the tail of the moduli potentials is disfavored, that the most likely emergence point is near an extremum, and that this extremum is not likely to be in the outer region of moduli space where the compact volume is very large and the string coupling very weak. As a concrete example we discuss the application...

publication date

  • January 1, 2006