Generating Adjectives to Express the Speaker's Argumentative Intent Conference Paper uri icon


  • being modified. In addition, these decisions interact with the lexical properties of adjectives, the syntax of the clause We address the problem of generating adjectives in a text and other factors like collocations. In this paper we there- generation system. We distinguish between usages of ad- selection of an adjective? mation in the knowledge base to adjectives. Instead, we After reviewing previous work related to these ques- identify various knowledge sources necessary to decide tions, we present the linguistic data upon which we base whether to use an adjective, what adjective should be our approach and the conclusions we draw from its selected and what syntactic function it should have. We analysis. We then present and justify the input we require show how these decisions interact with lexical properties of to properly select adjectives and discuss how adjective adjectives and the syntax of the clause. We propose a selection is constrained by the lexical properties of adjec- mechanism for adjective selection and illustrate it in the tives and interacts with other surface decisions. The paper context of the explanation component of the ADVISOR expert illustrates the key features of our implementation of adjec- system. We describe an implementatio n of adjective selec- tive selection in the context of the ADVISOR explanation tion using a version of Functional Unification Grammars. component.

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  • January 1, 1991

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