Salt-driven interactions between Pistacia lentiscus and Salsola inermis Academic Article uri icon


  • Background, aim, and scope It can be learned from the Pistacia spp. germplasm collection (http://www. bgu. ac. il/pistacia) that the growth of Salsola inermis is inhibited in the vicinity of the evergreen Pistacia lentiscus, but not in the surroundings of the deciduous Pistacia atlantica and Pistacia chinensis. Irrigation of trees during the summer months increases soil salinity around the trees. It was therefore hypothesized that inhibition of S. inermis around P. lentiscus is related to depletion of salt in the vicinity of the latter species. Materials and methods A multi-approach experimental scheme was carried out which included soil edaphic characterization and germination tests. To test salt tolerance of P. lentiscus, plants were grown in a hydroponic system for a month in medium containing NaCl, while physiological and growth parameters were measured. Results Conductivity …

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  • November 1, 2009