Reversal of mirror syndrome after selective feticide of a hydropic fetus in a dichorionic diamniotic twin pregnancy Academic Article uri icon


  • A 26-year-old patient, gravida 4, para 2, with a spontaneous dichorionic diamniotic twin gestation was referred to our hospital at a gestational age of 23 weeks 3 days due to high blood pressure of 160/90 mm Hg and severe bilateral lower-leg edema. On admission, the patient felt well, with no specific symptoms. Her physical examination revealed blood pressure of 144/82 mm Hg, marked peripheral edema, and 3+ urine protein by a dipstick test. Laboratory studies at admission disclosed mild anemia, along with a mildly elevated creatinine level.A sonographic examination confirmed dichorionic diamniotic twins. Twin A had severe hydrops, polyhydramnios, a hypoplastic left heart, a brachycephalic head with hypomineralization, abnormal gyration, bilateral femoral fractures, and placenomegaly. Twin B had normal anatomic findings, was appropriate for gestational age, and had a normal …

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  • January 1, 2015