Upper bounds for a class of energies containing a non-local term Academic Article uri icon


  • In this paper we construct upper bounds for families of functionals of the form $$ E_\varepsilon(\phi):=\int_\Omega\Big(\varepsilon |\nabla\phi|^2+\frac{1}{\varepsilon }W(\phi)\Big){\rm d}x+\frac{1}{\varepsilon }\int_{{\mathbb{R}}^N}|\nabla \bar H_{F(\phi)}|^2{\rm d}x $$ where Δ $\bar H_u$ = div {$\chi_\Omega$ u}. Particular cases of such functionals arise in Micromagnetics. We also use our technique to construct upper bounds for functionals that appear in a variational formulation of the method of vanishing viscosity for conservation laws.

publication date

  • October 1, 2009