Interferon β-1b reduces antigen presentation to human T-cells Academic Article uri icon


  • Objective: To evaluate the effect of IFNP-lb (Betaseron) on antigen presentation in functional assays. Methods: Antigen-specific human T,,, cell lines were tested for reactivity to the homologous antigen in the presence of autologous antigen-presenting cells (APC), with and witbout IFN-8. Other APC, including human fetal astrocytes (HFA), microglia and macrophages, were used to present alloantigens to alloreactive T-cells in the mixed lymphocytes reaction (MLR) after pretreatment with IFN-13. IFN-y or both. Results: IFN-P suppressed proliferation of the various T-cell lines by upto 90%, IL-2 secretion by upto 70% and IFN-y production by 80%. Proliferation was similarly suppressed also by pretreatment of the APC (either peripheral blood mononuclear cells or EBV-transformed B-cells) with IFN-& without its presence in culture during the proliferation assay. Pretreatment of HFA …

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  • January 1, 1995