Transient analysis of sub-critical evaporation of fuel droplet in non-isothermal stagnant gaseous mixtures: Effects of radiation and thermal expansion Academic Article uri icon


  • Transient sub-critical droplet evaporation in non-isothermal stagnant gaseous mixtures taking into account the effects of radiation, liquid volumetric expansion and droplet heating is investigated numerically. We obtained equations for Stefan velocity and the rate of change of the droplet radius taking into account liquid volumetric expansion, and derived the boundary conditions taking into account the effect of liquid thermal expansion. It is shown that in the case of sub-critical evaporation neglecting the liquid volumetric expansion causes underestimation of the evaporation rate at the initial stage and overestimation of the evaporation rate at the final stage of droplet evaporation.

publication date

  • January 1, 2006