Capacity and performance analysis for multi-user system under distributed opportunistic scheduling in a time dependent channel Academic Article uri icon


  • Consider the problem of a multi-user multiple access channel. While several multi-user coding techniques exist, in practical scenarios, not all users can be scheduled simultaneously. Thus, a key problem is which users to schedule in a given time slot. Under realistic approach for time dependency of the channel, we adopt a distributed scheduling algorithm in which each user, in the beginning of each slot, estimates his channel gain and compares it to a threshold, and if exceeding it the user can transmit. In this work we are interested in the expected capacity of the system and the delay and quality of service of the data accumulated at the users under this scheduling scheme. First we derive the expected capacity under scheduling (distributed and centralized) for this time dependent environment and show that its scaling law is $ O (\sigma_g\sqrt {2\log K}+\mu_g) $, were $\sigma_g …

publication date

  • July 12, 2015