Modeling of multi-transversal mode lasing in static alkali vapor lasers Conference Paper uri icon


  • In the present paper we use a simple optical model to describe multi-transverse mode operation of alkali lasers. The model is based on calculations of the pump and laser beam intensities in the gain medium, where the laser beam intensity is a linear combination of the azimuthally-symmetric Laguerre-Gaussian modes. The model was applied to optically pumped cesium vapor laser studied experimentally and theoretically previously [Cohen, T., Lebiush, E., Auslender, I., Barmashenko BD, and Rosenwaks, S., Opt. Exp. 24, 14374 (2016)]. It was found in our calculations that for low pump power and small pump beam radii, only fundamental lasing mode oscillates, just as shown experimentally in this study. However, for higher pump powers and larger pump beam diameters, several transverse modes participate in oscillation. The number and intensities of the oscillating modes as a …

publication date

  • January 1, 2017