Evaluation of verapamil for hypertension by an isometric exercise test Academic Article uri icon


  • Since the resting blood pressure (BP) does not predict round-the-clock values, in order to evaluate the disease and its response to treatment BP should be measured during exertion. Verapamil, either 120 mg or 160 mg, twice daily, was given to 60 hypertensives at rest and during isometric effort, according to our previously reported protocol. There was a significant response (p less than 0.005) to the treatments. Sustained release verapamil, 240 mg once a day, reduced systolic and diastolic BP significantly in 38 of 45 hypertensives at rest and during isometric effort. A simple, inexpensive, cost-effective, hand-grip method is strongly recommended as an integral part of treatment evaluation. The combination of highly effective drugs together with a simple method of BP evaluation may result in improved long-term treatment.

publication date

  • January 1, 1991