Spray formation of binary organic solution for an absorption refrigeration system Academic Article uri icon


  • In a triple-pressure-level (TPL) absorption refrigeration system an ejector is incorporated between the evaporator and the absorber, in order to raise the pressure in the absorber to a middle pressure level by the pressure recovery achieved in the ejector diffuser. Higher pressure in the absorber at the same temperature means higher refrigerant concentration at the absorber outlet and by that means improving cycle performance. In order to examine the influence of a special nozzle device containing a spinner, and its geometry on the spray characteristics, an experimental system for generating and analyzing sprays of binary solutions (R22, chlorodifluoromethane and DMAC, dimethylacetamide) has been developed.The influence of spinner pitch angle and the number of wings at various pressure differences and temperatures on the spray characteristics, e.g., mean drop diameter, drop size distribution, drops velocity, spray cone angle and core length, is discussed.

publication date

  • January 1, 2006