Seasonal growth of Zygophyllum dumosum Boiss.: summer dormancy is associated with 1 loss of the permissive epigenetic marker dimethyl H3K4 and extensive re... Academic Article uri icon


  • Plants thriving in desert environments are suitable for studying mechanisms for plant survival 25 under extreme seasonal climate variation. Zygophyllum dumosum Boiss, like many other 26 Zygophyllaceae species, displays a unique epigenetic mechanism whereby the repressive 27 markers di-and tri-methyl of H3K9 do not exist. We studied epigenetic mechanisms 28 underlying seasonal growth cycles in Z. dumosum and their association with factors regulating 29 basic cell functions. We showed strong association between rainfall and seasonal growth and 30 the epigenetic marker of dimethyl H3K4, which disappears on entry into the dry season and 31 the acquisition of dormant state. DNA methylation is not affected by lack of H3K9 di and tri 32 methyl and changes in methylation pattern are apparent on entry into the dry season. 33 Proteome analysis of acid soluble …

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  • January 1, 2018