Ovarian torsion in prepubertal girls with abdominal pain - Imaging findings and literature review Academic Article uri icon


  • Background: Ovarian torsion occurs when the ovary twists on its pedicle. This uncommon cause of acute abdomen is usually accompanied by ovarian abnormalities in postmenarchal girls. In prepubertal girls, the diagnosis is even less common. Discussion: The signs and symptoms of ovarian torsion are often vague and non-specific, especially in young girls who have difficulty explaining themselves. Ultrasound is the first line imaging modality and can diagnose ovarian torsion, as well as some of the differential diagnosis. In an equivocal case, computed tomography and especially magnetic resonance imaging, can help in making the correct diagnosis. Here, we report the imaging findings of 3 prepubertal girls with ovarian torsion, who had similar clinical presentation. In the first two cases, the diagnosis was made relatively fast. In the third case, the findings of the ultrasound examination were not …

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  • January 1, 2017