Elastic consideration of the precipitation in model alloys of maraging steels: theory and experimental validation Academic Article uri icon


  • The unique combination of high strength and high fracture toughness in maraging steels is attributed to the precipitation of mainly two phases, Ni 3 Mo and Ni 3 Ti, in the soft bcc martensitic matrix. Experimentally, it is difficult to distinguish between these phases; moreover, the effect of each precipitating phase on the properties of the steel is ambiguous. In the present work, we tackle these questions by analyzing the elastic fields and elastic energy associated with each precipitating phase and their role in the determination of the shape and relative arrangement. Using a semi-analytic approach based on the solution of the equations of elasticity by Fourier transform, the elastic fields and elastic energy associated with each precipitate were calculated. The calculations show that the minimum self-energy of both precipitates is accomplished when the smallest crystallographic misfit …

publication date

  • January 1, 2015