The Role of a dynamical measure and dynamical tension in brane creation and growth Academic Article uri icon


  • The use of a non-Riemannian measure of integration in the action of strings and branes allows the possibility of dynamical tension. In particular, lower dimensional objects living in the string/brane can induce discontinuities in the tension: the effect of pair creation on the string tension is studied. We investigate then the role that these new features can play in string and brane creation and growth. A mechanism is studied by means of which a scalar field can transfer its energy to the tension of strings and branes. An infinite dimensional symmetry group of this theory is discussed. Creation and growth of bubbles in a formulation that requires mass generation for the bulk gauge fields coupled to the branes is also discussed. Comment: LaTeX, 16 pages, 1 figure; Changed the (wrong) orientation of figure 1(a)

publication date

  • January 1, 2006