Control of Direct Voltage Regulated Active DC Link Capacitance Reduction Circuits to Allow Plug-and-Play Operation Academic Article uri icon


  • A novel method for controlling direct voltage regulated active dc-link capacitance reduction circuits (ACRC) is proposed in this paper. Instead of forcing the dc-link voltage of the power conversion system to follow a constant reference, the ACRC imposes dc-bus voltage in proportion to the integral of its input current. Consequently, it resembles an adjustable value capacitor from the dc-link side. Therefore, as opposed to existing control strategies, the proposed method simultaneously allows the dc-link voltage to reflect the power balance of the system and the pulsating power component to be diverted into significantly reduced auxiliary capacitance via a bidirectional dc–dc converter. As a result, replacing bulk dc-link capacitance by the proposed circuitry does not require any modification of existing grid-connected power conversion system controllers, thus allowing plug-and-play operation. The proposed approach is validated by application to a commercial power factor correction front end by both simulations and experiments.

publication date

  • August 1, 2019