Limitations on the use of rate equations for determining the parameters of codoped holmium-thulium lasers Conference Paper uri icon


  • Abstract: Codoped laser performance is often modeled by rate equations. For thulium- holmium doped crystals, such equations can yield spurious results compared with experimental measurements. ©2000 Optical Society of America OCIS codes: (140.4680) Rare earth and transitional metal solid-state lasers; (140.3070) Infrared and far- infrared lasers … The accurate modeling of laser crystals can allow crystal choice and laser performance to be predicted before experimental results are obtained. This can greatly assist in the hunt for new efficient laser crystals and in optimizing laser performance. One method for modeling such crystals is the "rate equation" approach. In such a model, each level of a set of ions is assumed to be filled/emptied via statistical processes. Each process describes the flow of energy and is characterized by a single parametric constant, either fit to the data or calculated. For thulium-holmium co-doped crystals, such …

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  • February 13, 2000