OC28. 05: Sonographic “sludge” and “pseudo-sludge”: microbiologic, molecular, immunologic and histologic features Academic Article uri icon


  • Objective The sonographic finding of amniotic fluid (AF)“sludge” is associated with spontaneous preterm delivery, preterm PROM, intra-amniotic infection (IAI) and histologic chorioamnionitis. Moreover, microbial biofilms have been reported in AF “sludge”. The aim of this study was to determine the sonographic, microbiologic and histologic characteristics of particulate matter in AF during term and preterm labor. Methods Particulate matter in AF was classified into: 1) AF “sludge”(n= 13, 1 at term); and 2)“pseudo-sludge”(n= 9, 7 at term). AF was retrieved transvaginally by needle amniotomy under direct visualization during active labor. AF “sludge” was defined as free-floating hyperechogenic dense and irregular material in close proximity to the cervix. In contrast,“pseudo-sludge” was diagnosed when free-floating hypoechogenic transparent particulate matter. AF interleukin (IL)-6 …

publication date

  • January 1, 2009