Towards supported bolaamphiphile membranes for water filtration: Roles of lipid and substrate Academic Article uri icon


  • Supported biomimetic membranes hold potential for applications such as biosensors and water purification by filtration. The current paper reports on the preparation of a supported bolaamphiphile membrane on two polymeric nanofiltration membranes: NF-270 made of polyamide with carboxylic surface charges and NTR-7450 made of sulfonated polyethersulfone with sulfonic surface charges. The results, obtained using a proprietary microfluidic device, confirmed that the supported membrane coverage on the polymeric membranes was governed by the double-layer interactions, in agreement with previous studies on silica, mica, and gold. Remarkably, the formation of the biomimetic membrane was more favorable on the sulfonated polyethersulfone than on the polyamide surface, although both surfaces exhibit a similar surface charge density. It is suggested that the …

publication date

  • January 1, 2014