Comparisons of the properties of final state photons in hadronic Z0 decays with predictions from matrix element calculations Academic Article uri icon


  • The properties of hadronic Z0 decays with final state photons, measured with OPAL at LEP, have been compared with predictions from two different matrix element calculations ofO(ααs). Two calculations, GNJETS and EEPRAD, have been investigated which use different schemes to restrict the phase space around the poles of the cross section. Assuming the E0-JADE jet definition, both calculations describe the data well in large regions of phase space forycut values around 0.06. For very large and very small jet-photon masses some deviations from the predictions have been found, indicating the importance of higher order corrections. Significant differences between the calculations are only apparent in the predicted rate of 1-jet plus photon events. The rate is higher in GNJETS which reproduces the data better than EEPRAD.


publication date

  • January 1, 1995