Visually transforming artwork and guided imagery as a way to reduce work related stress: A quantitative pilot study Academic Article uri icon


  • This paper explores ways of transforming stress related visual images for health care professionals who are exposed to stressful images in their work. Transformation of these images is conducted using changes of compositional elements such as shape, color, size and texture – through harnessing the power of creativity and imagination to transform an image that is drawn or imagined. We hypothesize that subjective discomfort levels (SUDS) will be reduced by visually transforming their images. We also assume that similar elements of color, size shape and texture will be drawn and imagined. Thirty-six health professionals participated in a five hours workshop that took place in two consecutive days. SUDS levels were calculated and were found to be reduced following image transformation in both art and imagery. On a comparative level, the elements of ‘shape ‘size’ and ‘color’, were highly used in both techniques and did not differ statistically significantly. The compositional elements used to transform images are discussed as a theoretical base for reducing work related stress.

publication date

  • January 1, 2014