Spatially incoherent single channel digital Fourier holography Academic Article uri icon


  • In recent years we have witnessed noteworthy achieve- ments of incoherent holography techniques such as op- tical scanning holography [1] and Fresnel incoherent correlation holography (FINCH) [2,3]. The latter has fun- damental system robustness since it is based on a single channel incoherent interferometer and because it does not require any scanning or mechanical movement. How- ever, though a single FINCH image contains the complete three-dimensional (3D) information of an object, at least three images are required to solve the twin image pro- blem [4]. In this Letter, we present a new method for recording digital Fourier holograms under incoherent il- lumination. Fourier holograms [5,6] possess some advan- tages over Fresnel holograms including, but not limited to, increased space–bandwidth product performance [7,8] and the relatively easy ability to process and manip- ulate the hologram, since it is captured in the spatial …

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  • January 1, 2012