Numerical modeling of a finned PCM heat sink Academic Article uri icon


  • Phase-change materials (PCMs) can absorb large amounts of heat without significant rise of their temperature during the melting process. This effect is attractive for using in thermal energy storage and passive thermal management. One of the techniques enhance the rate of heat transfer into PCMs is by using fins made of a thermally high conductive material. This paper deals with numerical modeling of a finned PCM-based heat sink. Heat is dissipated on the heat sink base and may be either absorbed by the PCM stored in compartments with conducting walls, or dissipated to the air using fins, or both. A detailed analysis had been done by means of a complete solution of the governing multi-dimensional conservation equations, taking into account convection in the melt, density and volume change due to phase change and temperature variation, motion of solid in the liquid, and other associated phenomena.

publication date

  • January 1, 2012