Relative Navigation in Asteroid Missions Using Dual Quaternion Filtering Academic Article uri icon


  • This paper investigates the efficacy of dual quaternion filtering in the realm of asteroid missions. The main contribution is the development of a dual quaternion relative navigation filter applied to asteroid circumnavigation. The simulated target asteroid is Kleopatra, a dog- bone-shaped asteroid featuring a low-potential highly perturbed gravity field. The spacecraft is equipped with a navigation camera and a laser ranger for position sensing and a star tracker and rate gyroscope for attitude sensing. The paper innovates in the methods for landmark identification within a camera field of view, true range and ranging errors determination, and spacecraft gravity-gradient torque modeling. For the sake of comparison, a navigation filter based on a conventional pose representation using Cartesian coordinates position and attitude quaternion is developed and tested under the same conditions. The …

publication date

  • August 1, 2017