Engineering and economics of liquid radiation filter greenhouses Academic Article uri icon


  • Liquid Radiation Filter Greenhouses (LRFG) have been perceived as an expensive alternative to conventional greenhouses. However, because of their improved capability for controlling the greenhouse climate, extensive fertilization with CO 2 is possible. This results in significant yield increases. We review the functioning and the practical advantages of the LRFG that result in their superior performance. The latter is substantiated by plant growth data from conventional greenhouses and from a pilot model and a commercial size LRFG. An economic analysis, which takes into account actual costs and expenditures for the commercial LRFG, shows that the additional cost per unit area of the LRFG is only about 35%, if put in the perspective of an entire greenhouse farm, including infrastructure. This figure would be smaller it the cost of land was included. By way of example: under …

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  • September 5, 2000